Fury Of Rome Devlog #4

The beginning part of the game has now been completed. I have added more enemies to the game. Some of the sprites that I have been working on can be seen in the screenshots above. There is still lots to do before the game will be ready for release but I am optimistic that it will be ready for release soon.

The main mechanics of the game are essentially finished now so I will be working on creating actual content now. I’d love to hear any ideas about what should be included in the game.

Fury Of Rome Devlog #3

Progress is going well on Fury Of Rome. My vision for what I want the game to be is beginning to come together. I have added flying enemies as well as fireballs and have different kinds of sprites made for some of the enemies that I want to put in the later levels.

The premise for the game is that the God of the underworld Anubis has accessed our world and threatens to destroy the Roman Empire. The player is sent by the Emperor to Egypt to find out what is happening.

I will post small updates of progress on the game on my twitter as well as on my new subreddit r/DavidBrowneGames. I would love to hear any feedback on the game or any suggestions for something that I should add to the game.

Fury Of Rome Devlog #2

In the last few weeks I have been working on the script for the game. I have most of the scripts finished now. Once that is done I can begin working on creating more of the textures for the different levels that I have planned as well as the sprites for the characters that I have written.

I finish my final year in college soon so I will be able to work on the game much more once I am finished doing exams and I will be able to make many more devlogs about my progress.

Fury Of Rome Devlog #1

I have begun development on my next game Fury Of Rome. This game will be a side-scrolling RPG and will be set in the Ancient Roman Empire. It will be set a few hundred years before the events of Fury Of Valhalla. The player will be able to complete quests and try to save the entire empire!

This will be my most ambitious game yet and will feature a more open world compared to my previous games. I have begun creating some of the assets for the characters and I have a design for the main character that I am happy with. I have also been adding the ability for the player to block attacks with his shield and to swing his sword as well as the ability to throw a spear.

Next I plan to work on sprites for some of the different enemies that I plan to have in the game. I am planning for this game to be my first steam release.

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Fury Of Valhalla dev log #2

I’ve made lots of progress on the game. I have 13 levels finished so far. There is a variety of enemies in the game now and I added lava as well as a cool fireball that the player has to dodge. Here is a sneak peak at the game so far.

I’d love to hear what people think about the game so far.