Punch League development update #2

I have made great progress on Punch League and can finally reveal a gameplay clip! The fight system is completely finished as well as a good portion of the career mode. I have the dynamic fight offers implemented and the ability to accept/reject fight offers. I have also finished implementing the system for creating your fighter to begin your career mode. I am very optimistic that the game will be ready sooner than I had expected it to be.

I’d love to hear any feedback anyone has on the game.

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Punch League development update

Development of Punch League has been going well so far. The fight engine is complete along with the enemy AI and all of the fighter animations are implemented. Since Ireland is currently in a level 5 national lockdown, I have had plenty of time to work on perfecting the game engine. Next I am going to work on the career mode system for the game. I have a list of features that I want to implement into the game that I will be able to reveal soon. I can’t name a date for release yet but I can say that a huge amount of progress is being made on the game.

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Alien Explorers

Alien Explorers is a fun 2D platformer game for Android devices. Explore a whole new world and experience the interesting story that can be found in this great game.

Download now on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alienexplorers.game

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Punch League coming soon!

I can now officially announce the details of my newest game in development. Punch League is a boxing game that will be on Android initially and eventually on PC! I am very excited for this game and intend to create the boxing game that I have always wanted to play. I take huge inspiration from many of the great boxing games from over the years and want to combine everything I love about them into Punch League. The game will feature a career mode in which you can rise up the ranks of the Punch League to become champion of the world, encounter tough fighters and develop fierce rivalries on your quest to become the greatest of all time.

Alien Explorers Out Now On Google Play!!!

Explore the world and learn more about life on this new planet. A great adventure. A fun 2D Platformer. Play as an alien and travel across a new world. Try to survive throughout difficult levels against various alien enemies and jump your way to the next place to explore… but do you realize what you are in for? Download now at davidbrowne.net to find out!

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