Developer: David Browne

Release Date: 7/12/2020

Platforms: PC, Android.

Website: punchleague.com

Contact: davidbrowne17@gmail.com

Twitter: @DBrowneGames


Live out your dream as a fighter and rise up through the ranks of the Punch League to become champion of the world. Customize your fighter and pick your fights as you try to win the support of all the boxing fans across the world. Punch League is a top down arcade boxing game making it stand out from all other boxing games. It is the game fight fans have been waiting for!

About Developer:

David Browne is a student hobbyist game developer who creates games in his free time. He is from Ireland. Punch League began development in 2020 during the national lockdown in Ireland due to the coronavirus. The game was released on 7th December 2020.